Social Events

We have already prepared fabulous concepts for the implementation of cross-reality and virtual reality events for you.

XRchitecture enables the fusion of the real and virtual world, just as you wish. The following 4 modules serve as orientation and information about the (almost) unlimited possibilities. The costs vary with your imagination, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

The virtual flower meadow

or your favourite virtual location

Participants will receive a starter kit in advance, which includes Cardboard VR glasses, drinks and/or snacks. The Cardboard enables the participants to enter the virtual world with their own mobile phone.

A virtual concert on a flower meadow is planned. The participants can either walk around or sit down on picnic blankets. The picnic blankets will serve as protected chat rooms in which visitors can arrange to meet in network groups. In the background, a band playing in the virtual world or a DJ is playing. Windmills, for example, serve as a backdrop in the background.

In addition, we can offer the visitor a starry sky tour. For this, the visitor lies down on the picnic blanket and looks up at the current starry sky, e.g. over Gelsenkirchen. Etta Dannemann, the founder of Visit Dark Skys, takes visitors on a 30-minute tour of the starry sky and introduces them to topics such as light pollution and the sustainable use of street lighting.

The hybrid flower meadow

or your favourite location real and virtual

The concert described above can take place in front of a real audience. In this case the musicians will be on stage in an event location and not in a film studio. From this live event they will then stream into the virtual world. For this purpose we suggest the Phönixhalle (Warsteiner Music Hall) in Dortmund Hörde. The hall can be opened from three sides and offers many possibilities to keep a distance without seeming too big.

The proximity to one of the most famous clubs in Germany, Tresor West, could be used to curate young musicians from NRW. An afterparty in the Tresor Garten could possibly be organised afterwards.

The interactive flower meadow

or your favourite location real, virtual and interactive

This is a network event between real and virtual space. For this purpose, two tablets each including loudspeakers and microphones are placed on the tables. In this way, visitors from the real venue can contact and exchange information with virtual visitors via the conference software. These meetings could be booked in advance via an area of the virtual fair.

The flower meadow against an illuminated backdrop

or your favourite location set in scene

Using the example of the Phönixhalle in Dortmund: This module includes a light show of the blast furnace in front of the Phönixhalle. The Phönixhalle is the former gas blast hall of the blast furnace. This is where the gas was processed to heat Dortmund households. As a huge monument the blast furnace still stands in front of the hall. We propose, in keeping with the theme of energy, appropriate lighting and a lighting show of the blast furnace. This can also be filmed and streamed.