1. General Information

1.1. What is meetingpoint.energy?

meetingpoint.energy brings entrepreneurs and business people from all over the world together. As the first energy trade fair in a 3D environment with a comprehensive programme, online and on site, we welcome all persons who are interested in the energy industry to drive their business forward in an innovative way – from corporations, small and medium-sized companies, associations, politics and science.

Exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to communicate via direct contact, chat, text, film, video or podcast, to find out the latest news about the industry’s innovations and to follow the renowned speakers at the lecture events. The meetingpoint.energy offers

  • A tailor-made trade fair concept
  • An international and multilingual marketplace and industry meeting place/platform
  • Exhibition stands that can be configured to your own standards
  • Real exhibition stands can be displayed virtually in 3D for an additional charge
  • Conference rooms including streaming portal, which can be used for small and large lecture events
  • Guided Tours
  • Qualified visitor structure
  • Trend barometer of industry
  • Top-class congresses and special shows

Brief summary: It closes the gap in the field of business networking

1.2 What makes meetingpoint.energy different from other virtual events?
  • The integrated servers/data centres are located in Germany, are subject to the DSGVO and are certified according to DIN ISO 27001, so all data is protected against misuse.
  • By connecting to portalofenergy.com, further-reaching, year-round interaction and networking is ensured, right up to the conclusion of the business transaction in the protected virtual space.
  • You move around the trade fair and, as you pass through the stands, are immediately alerted to the areas of interest that have been defined in advance.
  • As an exhibitor you will receive precise anonymised evaluations of visitor behaviour.
  • As an exhibitor, you can design your presentation independently even shortly before the trade fair.
  • You have various options for advertising in the exhibition halls.
  • As an exhibitor you can invite your customers to your own virtual conference – as an open event or only for invited guests.
  • You can reach your customers worldwide or establish new global business contacts – even as a small or medium-sized company.

1.3 What are the advantages of the virtual fair and conference?
  • Independent of location through access via PC, tablet and smartphone with Internet access worldwide
  • Time-independent due to continuous availability of the fair
  • Cost savings through elimination of travel expenses
  • Experience quality through 3D imaging and accessibility of the exhibition stands
  • Product presentations in 3D environment
  • Text or video communication for personal networking
  • Comfortable access from your own home office
  • Visiting the fair: independently or by intelligent navigation
  • Match-making programmes for new contacts
  • Efficient due to clear schedule structure and tracking mechanisms
  • Browser-based, i.e. no installation of further software necessary
  • Clear control over contacts and costs

1.4 When and where does meetingpoint.energy take place?

The central virtual event
Start: Monday 21 June 2021 at 10:00 (CET)
End: Friday 25 June 2021 at 18:00 (CET).

meetingpoint.energy will take place online from June, 21st to 25th, 2021. The 3D exhibition in our theme halls will be available after the energy fair until the 2nd edition of meetingpoint.energy in June 2022.

1.5 What does it cost to participate as an exhibitor, visitor and conference participant?

Exhibitors can book a small stand (accessible for 1 year) incl. Social Media Package for 12 months starting at 1.260,00 € or book your booth per month. You can find a detailed overview here.

Trade Fair Visit is free of charge after registering.

Participation web conference
Conference ticket complete 21 to 25 June 2021 is free of charge after registration – thanks to our partners AVACO GmbH / Portal of Energy.

1.6 How do I get tickets?

Please register at our website. Links to follow.

2. The fair

2.1 What is the meetingpoint.energy trade fair?

The online trade fair is an interactive and virtual 3D experience. It is accessible without any installation on your desktop, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses.

2.2 Where can I register as an exhibitor?

Exhibitors please register first on our website. You will find packages and prices here.

2.3 How do I prepare my appearance as an exhibitor at the virtual trade fair meeting-point.energy?

After a successful registration and settlement of the invoice, you will receive your access to the trade fair portal in June 2021. Beforehand you’ll get a data sheet wo prepare the media you need for the stand. We will provide onboarding session for exhibitors in May.

As an exhibitor you can enter the topics, products and services relevant to you, define contact details and virtual business cards with which you would like to appear to visitors.

When booking, you have already chosen from various stand types (row, corner, head and island stand with 4, 6, 15, 30 and 60 sqm).

You can now configure your booked design exhibition stand (also subsequently) according to your wishes:

  • Primary and/or secondary colour according to corporate design
  • Company logo
  • pictures
  • Videos/Slideshows
  • Products (as image)
  • Brochures

Preparation of the contents for the exhibition stand

  • Company logo: preferably as .png, i.e. optional. In this way, it will stand out well on the background. The size of the individual files must not exceed 2 MB.

You can also use .jpg as format, in which case the logo is not transparent.

  • Images: .jpg is the preferred format here. The size of the individual files must not exceed 2 MB.
  • video: These must be saved on Vimeo or Youtube. The corresponding links can then be saved on the exhibition platform.
  • Brochures: are to be stored as .pdf files. Here is the size limitation 5 MB.

Image formats (see company logo) or links can also be stored on the “brochure stand”.

  • Host information: Intro video (as link) or intro graphic as .jpg (< 2 MB)

In addition to the trade fair presence with a virtual 3D design stand, you can offer open or closed conferences/lecture panels.

During the trade fair you can “see” visitors passing your stand – if they wish – and contact them and be contacted by them. The intelligent software shows you the touchpoints in advance.

2.4 How do I prepare myself for the meetingpoint.energy trade fair?

After registering on the portalofenergy.com you can visit the meetingpoint.energy landing page (coming soon) and enter the exhibition.

When you register on the portal, you specify the topics (products and services) you are interested in. In addition, you enter your contact details and the details of your “virtual business card” with which you would like to appear at the exhibitors.

When passing through an exhibition stand, exhibitors can be contacted by you. The intelligent software shows you the touchpoints in advance.

2.5 Is there a possibility of a trade fair party?

Yes, there are many possibilities! We have wonderful partners on our side who have various concepts online and hybrid up their sleeve. We have put together some initial ideas here. Please get in touch with us!

3. The conference

3.1 What is the meetingpoint.energy conference?

The meetingpoint.energy conference brings together the players in the (renewable) energy industry. Several online streams allow you to participate in a varied programme. Details will be available on our website shortly.

3.2 When and where will the meetingpoint.energy conference take place?

The meetingpoint.energy conference takes place from 21 to 25 June 2021, from Monday to Friday.

The conference will have digital stages and network areas. If possible, we will organise face-to-face events, which will be streamed. We will inform you about the details of participation in good time.

4. Networking & Meetings

4.1 How Networking & Meetings works

Via the Portal of Energy, participants can form networked, open and closed groups and, depending on the booking, hold web conferences.

Registration is free of charge for individuals. Companies pay a monthly fee of € 29.95 plus VAT for the use of the additional features (web conference system). For exhibitors, this fee is already included in the obligatory social media fee for 12 months.